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sheril [userpic]


November 27th, 2008 (08:50 am)

current mood: contemplative

Today is a day of family, friends and time to give thanks for all that we have been blessed with. I feel very greatful for a loving family, good and supportive friends. As you may know, we are anticipating a major surgery upcoming for my husband. In October, we found out that he needs bypass surgery as well as repair of 2 of the valves in his heart. Before that cam be done, he has dental work that needs to be completed. After much searching, he found a dentist to perform the necessary work--minimum of 9 teeth removed. He eventually is planning on getting dentures, so that is one obstacle out of the way. Also, in October, it became necessary for him to be on oxygen all the time (or at least most of the time). This happened after his last hospital stay, the beginning of November. He is waiting for the doctor's office and his company to iron out the details of his return to work. He is hoping to be able to get back to work on this coming Monday. Not working for a month is about to get him killed--cuz he is bored and driving me crazy. He is hoping that he can convince the surgeon to postpone surgery until February, when he gets his vacation for the upcoming year (4 weeks), which will be a great offset for the not working during his recovery. He is also hoping that he can convince the doctor to let him go back to work as soon as possible after surgery--even if it means sitting at a desk for a while. Yes, he is aware that he will not br allowed to drive for 6 weeks after surgery-we have already discussed his getting to and from work during that time with his boss and things sound like they will work out in his favor. Based on his current situations, he won't be able to attend out of town conventions and the like, cuz hauling the oxygen machine is too much of a pain in the butt. Hopefully, after the surgery, the need for supplimental oxygen will be nonexistant. but will have to wait and see.

sheril [userpic]


November 16th, 2008 (10:42 pm)

Well, sometimes life jumps up and bites ya in the keester. Found out about 3 weeks ago that my husband needs to have bypass surgery on 3 of the blood vessels that feed his heart and also needs to have 2 of the valves in his heart repaired/replaced. Before he can have surgery, he needs to get his teeth pulled(they are in fairly sorry shape-broken, etc.). The trick is to find a dentist that doesn't charge an arm and two legs to get this done. He has talked to a couple of dentists-one would cost over 4grand after what our dental insurance would cover; the other doesn't take insurance, so would have to pay upfront and then file claim with insurance ourselves. We want to get this done before the end of the year, since he has met his deductible already. Oh, well, life goes on.

sheril [userpic]

Hubby's health

October 29th, 2008 (11:16 pm)

Well, after the hospitaliztion of my hubby in August, we got another jolt this month. Bob had a stress test and did not do well during phase 2 of the exam, so the doctor scheduled an angiogram. The angiogram was 2 weeks ago, and discovered that 2 of the blood vessels that feed the heart are 100% blocked and he needs to have one of the valves in his heart repaired and another replaced. During the angiogram, also found that his heart was not pumping effectively. So we went back to the hospital today for another exam to determine what the functionality of the heart was and to clear him for surgery. The test done today is called a TEE-or transesophageal echocardiogram. The doctor looks at the heart via a camera passed through a tube into the esophagus. He has a couple of things to get accomplished before the surgery can happen, but we are hoping to get the surgery over by the first of the year.

sheril [userpic]

LIfe Sucks sometines

August 16th, 2008 (09:03 am)

Well, Anime Iowa was this weekend. I was supposed to be there, in charge of their Cosplay with my friend Sallie. As it happens, Bo3b ended up in the hospital on Thursday evening with elevated labs and his heart not functioning properly because of the elevated labs. He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. By the time I left last night, his labs were pretty much back to normal. He was completely back to being his smart-ass self. This morning the kidney doc came in and told him that he could get out of the unit as long as it is ok with the heart doc. Just waiting to see what happens

sheril [userpic]

New Post--First one

June 1st, 2008 (10:35 pm)
current mood: busy

Well, this is my first attempt at live journal, so bear with me. I am a RN working in a privately owned company in Des Moines Iowa, as a case manager. The company I work for is Medicare certified, so we have Medicare clients as well as private clients. I am responsible for a caseload of approx 20 clients.

I am also involved in the local Science Fiction group and most recently was one of the chairs for DemiCon. The science fiction group meets twice a month and in addition to DemiCon, we also are involved in promoting literacy in the community. You may check out the group at: www.dmsfs.org and DemiCon at www.demicon.org

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